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From our inception in 1989, we have experienced steady growth and today are recognized as one of Jamaica’s top builders. Our company has substantial experience in the high-end residential market. We have not only built a large number of prestigious residences, but have also delivered several upscale multi-unit housing developments in Kingston and Montego Bay. Furthermore, we have successfully completed a number of projects for commercial clients, including Air Jamaica (check-in lounge), The Jamaica Observer (offices and newspaper facility), Supreme Ventures (gaming lounges) and National Commercial Bank among others. Our projects have included shopping centers, commercial centers, restaurants, hotel renovations, etc., where project management and coordination of the various disciplines and trades involved are critical.

We understand the needs of our clients and the importance of quality, scheduling and cost control. A sign of our success and growing reputation is the increasing portion of our portfolio devoted to repeat clients and to clients who choose to negotiate directly with us. Our company’s senior management collectively have several decades of experience in construction, project management, and the design-and-build process.

As the main contractor for various private and institutional clients, we have completed the following projects:

  • New Newspaper Facility for the Jamaica Observer
  • Air Jamaica: First Class and Check-in Lounge
  • HEART/NTA Automotive School
  • The Challenge Marketplace at Constant Spring Road
  • The Trade Centre at Red Hills Road
  • The Domes at Hagley Park Road
  • H&L True Value at Constant Spring and at Manor Park
  • Starfish Hotels: Construction & Renovation of Water Centre Areas
  • Boulevard Super Centre, Washington Boulevard
  • Acropolis Gaming Lounge, Loshusan Centre, Barbican
  • Residential Development at Durie Drive, Kingston 8
  • Palm Shores Residential Development at Ironshore, Montego Bay
  • Residential Development at Cherry Drive, Kingston 8
  • Residential Development at Norbrook Drive, Kingston 8
  • Residential Development at Dillsbury Avenue, Kingston 6
  • Gleneagles” Residential Development, Long Lane, Stony Hill
  • The Gladstone Residential Development at 65 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 6
  • Residence at 2 Wilmington Avenue, Kingston 6
  • Mango Walk Residential Development at 23 Hopefield Avenue, Kingston 6
  • Expansion of the School of Nursing, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus
  • 13 West Commercial and Office Complex, 13 West Kings House Rd., Kingston 10
  • 129 Pro Commercial and Office Complex, 129 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
  • Active Traders Limited’s Active Home Centre, 84 Constant Spring Rd., Kingston 8
  • Phoenix Central Office Complex at 2 Phoenix Avenue, Kingston 10
  • Valhalla: Residential Development at 5 Graham Heights consisting of 66 studio apartments

As the main contractor for private clients we are currently working on the following projects:

  • New Supermarket for General Food, 38 Monroe Road, Liguanea, Kingston 6.
  • Two Single Family Residences at Melwood Avenue, Kingston 8.
  • We are currently engaged on a turn-key basis to deliver an office block on Garelli Avenue for a private investor; this project has been positively received by NEPA and the application to the KSAC is being prepared.

About ten years ago, the decision was made to branch into development to complement the contracting operations. As developers, we have completed the following projects:

  • Pinehurst: Residential Development at 111 Sterling Avenue, Ironshore, Montego Bay, consisting of 10 three-bedroom townhouses and 4 two-bedroom apartments
  • Oakmont: Residential Development at 18 Hopefield Avenue, Kingston 6, consisting of 15 three-bedroom townhouses
  • Muirfield: Residential Development at 2 Beverly Vale Close, Kingston 6, consisting of 17 two and three-bedroom apartments
  • Fernbrook: Residential Development at 5 Clieveden Avenue, Kingston 6, consisting of 15 three-bedroom townhouses
  • Turnberry: Residential Development at 31 Hopefield Avenue, Kingston 6, consisting of 7 three-bedroom townhouses
  • Birkdale: Residential Development at 20 Greenvale Road, Mandeville, consisting of 12 two and three-bedroom townhouses and 8 one-bedroom apartments
  • Sonoma: Residential Development at 30 Hopefield Avenue, Kingston 6, consisting of 11 two and three-bedroom townhouses and 9 two-bedroom apartments
  • Barbican Business Centre: Commercial Development at 88 Barbican Road, Kingston 6 consisting of 31 units for retail, commercial and office use
  • 80 LMR: Commercial Development at 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 6 consisting of 28 units for retail, commercial and office use
  • Augusta: Residential Development at 6 Lower Great House Circle consisting of 4 two and three-bedroom apartments
  • Merion: Residential Development at 15a Charlton Road, Kingston 8, consisting of 30 one-bedroom and studio apartments

As developers, we are currently working on the following projects:

  • R1: Commercial Warehouse Development at 11-13 Maverley Avenue, Kingston 10, consisting of 25 warehouse units (approximately 25% completion)
  • Valley Vista: Residential Development at Barton’s Aerie, Stony Hill, consisting of 28 two and three-bedroom townhouses and 11 three-bedroom single family homes (just started)
  • Hazeltine: Residential Development at 27-29 Hopefield Avenue, Kingston 6 consisting of 22 one-bedroom and 19 two-bedroom apartments (just started)

The following are approved projects or projects in various stages of design or submission to agencies:

  • Torrey Pines: Residential Development at 5 Parkhurst Drive, Kingston 10, consisting of 20 one-bedroom and 24 two-bedroom apartments (currently at the KSAC for approval)
  • Wentworth: Residential Development at 21 Salisbury Avenue, Kingston 6, consisting of 18 three-bedroom townhouses and 16 two-bedroom apartments (outline submittal to NEPA has received a positive response)


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From 1989, we have been Jamaica's top builder for residential and commercial properties.


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